2015 DFA Innovation Award Tammy HubertDivision of Finance & Administration - Employee Recognition Program

DEADLINE for 2016 employee nominations: Friday, September 23, 2016 at 5:00 pm

Steps for nominating a co-worker for a DFA Employee Award

  1. Identify an eligible co-worker. NOTE: All nominations must be initiated by a Division employee.2015 DFA All Star Award, Ika Fifita
  2. Choose an award from the categories listed.
  3. Referencing the award criteria, in your own words (about 500), describe how your co-worker excels in these areas. Be sure to include specific examples.
  4. Ask another person ("Supporter") outside of your immediate work unit, i.e. supervisor, customer, college representative, vendor, etc. who engages regularly with your co-worker, to provide written support for the nomination. Be sure to share the award criteria and ask the Supporter to include specific examples. Give them a deadline and ask it be returned to you for inclusion in the nomination.
  5. In addition to addressing the specific award criteria, all nominees must demonstrate a commitment to the Division's values of enhancing diversity, supporting 2015 DFA Community Builder, Dwight Brimleystudent and employee success, and promoting a culture of respect in working relationships.
  6. Complete the nomination form and submit.
  7. Deadline for submission: Friday, September 23, 2016 at 5 pm.
  8. Nominations received will be reviewed by the Employee Recognition Committee.
  9. All nominations will be scored on completeness of the application, alignment of content and examples with the award criteria, and the nominee's demonstrated "...commitment to the Division's values of enhancing diversity, supporting student and employee success, and promoting a culture of respect in working relationships."

Alternative format for submitting an employee nomination using the downloadable Word form.

Step 1: Choose the Award
Only one award selection per nomination.
Step 2: Nominator Contact Information
Step 3: Nominee (co-worker or colleague) Information
Step 4: Nomination Narrative
Explain why your nominee is most qualified to receive this award, referring specifically to how they meet the criteria for the award. Be sure to include how the nominee demonstrates commitment to the Division's values of enhancing diversity and inclusion, and promotes a culture of respect in working relationships (approximately 500 words).
Step 5: Nomination Support Information
Note: The supporter of a nomination is endorses/confirms/"backs up" the employee's eligibility for the award.. This second person (supporter) provides further information as to why the nominee deserves this recognition.
Identify the work connection between the nominee and the supporter.
Include in this location the information received from the Supporter for the nomination of your co-worker/colleague for the DFA award.
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