OSU space is allocated according to the strategic academic, research and outreach priorities established by the university, with the goal of  1) advancing University priorities, 2) improving space functionality, flexibility, and utilization, 3) providing space to meet programmatic goals, 4) lowering occupancy rates,  5) reducing the need for physical expansion, and 6) supporting increased collaboration and connectivity across departments. 

Completed Space Allocation request forms are submitted to the Space Management unit of Capital Planning and Development for due diligence review.  A thorough analysis of this request and supplemental material will be reviewed with the requestor to discuss possible solutions.  All space requests and changes to current space must support the OSU Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan. 

Briefly describe the need for space and the reason your department is requesting space, including: • In what way your current space is inadequate for your needs and • Efforts that have been made to use any existing assigned space for the stated purpose
Describe the intended use of the space for each room requested, including: • Location and any special requirements • Room Use Description (e.g. faculty or staff office, teaching lab, research lab, research or teaching support space, departmental classroom, workroom, conference room, storage, reception, etc.) • Number of occupants and occupant type (faculty, staff, T/A, R/A, student workers, etc.)
If this is a request for temporary space, enter the date range that is needed. If this is not a temporary space request, enter the date when the space is needed.
For anticipated minor or major renovations, please provide a brief description of anticipated renovations.
List any space(s) that will be returned to the university inventory with approval of this request, such as rooms or spaces that the Dept. will vacate if this request is approved.
Enter the name, title and dept./college/unit of the unit head who is authorizing this request
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