Oregon State University requires approval to place portable outdoor dispensers for publications in designated locations on OSU’s Corvallis campus. To request approval for the authorized placement of dispensers, please complete and submit the form below. You will be notified of OSU’s decision regarding this request within 30 days.

By submitting this form the publisher or editor representing the publication agrees to the following standards and maintenance requirements:

  • Dispensers shall be no more than 80” tall by 58” wide by 42” deep.
  • Dispensers may include the name of the publication, however advertising is prohibited.
  • Dispensers shall be kept free of graffiti and in good working order and repair (e.g., doors able to close securely, no cracks, dents, broken glass, etc.)
  • Dispensers shall be placed on a level surface, kept in an upright position, and not obstruct pedestrian circulation along sidewalks.
  • Publications shall be kept in the dispenser to avoid litter.
  • No dispenser shall be chained to any OSU property, structures or trees without prior approval from OSU Capital Planning and Development.

In the event that any publication dispenser is found to be out of compliance with the maintenance and upkeep requirements, the publisher or editor responsible for the publication will be notified by OSU and given 30 days to comply. If compliance is not addressed within 30 days of notification, the dispensers will be removed and stored in a secure location within the Facilities Services shops area.

Name of publisher or editor requesting placement of portable bins or dispenser boxes
Name of person responsible for maintenance of the dispensers
Indicate the locations that are being requested for placement of a bin/dispenser. Note: Only one dispenser per publisher is allowed in each location.
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