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IMPORTANT NOTE TO SUPERVISORS:  Per the OSU Criminal History Check (CHC)/Motor Vehicle History Check (MVC) Policy, all positions will be reviewed by FOBC HR to determine whether a CHC or MVC is required.  If a CHC or MVC is required, FOBC HR will notify the hiring supervisor.  The appointee may not begin working until their CHC and/or MVC has been cleared by the Office of Human Resources. 

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If they are not exclusively driving a Motor Pool vehicle, the incumbent must provide a copy of their certified/official driving history for the past 36 months from the issuing state(s) Department of Motor Vehicles.
Describe the breadth and scope of decisions made by this position. Are decisions reviewed, and by whom? List any guidelines or reference materials used.

To ensure that employees are hired effectively and appropriately, it is important for departments and/or supervisors to communicate with FOBC HR prior to the anticipated start date.  Based on the date entered, it appears that an appointee has already begun working in this position.  Please explain the reason for this late appointment request.

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IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT: In support of your outreach efforts, once your position is posted, you, or your search support person, must submit a copy of your position announcement to the “Required Email Distribution Listserv” via OSU's Recruitment Resource Guide.
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