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The Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Office (EPPMO) is a single, integrated office with a university-wide scope of responsibilities and perspective. We manage Oregon State University's portfolio of projects, helping drive mission fulfillment while remaining responsive to rapid growth within and across the institution. 

However, executing on this portfolio of projects is no small task. In fact, it might be likened to climbing a mountain, with multiple paths to the top, balancing efficiency and risk exposure throughout the journey.

We provide comprehensive services to the university through:

  • A project intake process that utilizes business case justification and a risk assessment process to comprehensively consider project risks.
  • Project request prioritization, in alignment with SP 4.0.
  • Short and long-range roadmap development, helping ensure proper resource capacity and allocation. 
  • Stakeholder alignment and clarity of decision-making authority, with full transparency and accountability for portfolio and individual project success.
  • Oversight and delivery on scope, schedule, budget and customer requirements.
  • Return-on-investment (ROI) assessment and reporting.

Our guiding principles:

  • Structured and inclusive decision-making generates effective results.

  • Clear and transparent communication conveys and confirms intent and respect for all stakeholders.

  • Process consistency, balanced with flexibility, improves efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Community safety and respect for all its members embodies our core values, and enables our mission. 

  • Active stewardship of resources ensures the long-term success of the university. 

  • Assessing and managing risk balances innovation and compliance.

  • Clearly defined and integrated policies, standards and processes that remove institutional bias, coupled with appropriately delegated authority, empower employees and improve the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

We add value to university projects through:



  • Offering a consistent approach and tools for effective project management that align with industry best practices.
  • Providing resources and support for the broader project management community of practice at OSU.
  • Training on and enhanced project management processes, procedures and standards.



  • Coordinating activities across the university to prevent overlapping projects and duplicated efforts.
  • Striving for comprehensive processes, such as risk and scope management.
  • Providing a support framework that promotes leadership support and stakeholder participation for projects.



  • Actively using business cases and project charters to clarify projected return on investment and stakeholder roles.
  • Making certain that opportunities are capitalized on in a time-sensitive/responsive fashion.
  • Ensuring projects have appropriate time and specialized skill sets allocated to optimize efficiency and resource management from outset to completion.
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