DFA Information Technology is a team of staff who support OSU and DFA functions, programs and processes through a collective approach. By drawing from our complementary areas of expertise, we’re able to offer more effective, comprehensive solutions to our stakeholders and ensure our work aligns strategically with that of other divisions. 

The DFA IT realignment, implemented in 2021, brought together staff with similar skill sets into a functional team. The team reflects a unique perspective into the vision and priorities of DFA, featuring individual strengths and aligned with a strong group identity. As the largest distributed IT and communications team at OSU, DFA IT exists to support the important work of the division while aligning with university and University Information Technology priorities.

The DFA IT team helps our colleagues succeed in serving students, staff, faculty and the broader OSU community.


DFA IT Business Architecture

The BA team works closely with stakeholders to identify or define a business opportunity or problem, build out potential processes, present roadmaps and processes for improvement and develop governance to keep things running smoothly and to meet the strategic and operational goals for DFA.   


DFA IT Technical and Solutions Architecture

The TSA team observes and analyzes the complex technology needs of DFA stakeholders and, with guidance from the BA team, develops customized, simple solutions in response. TSA strives to create seamless, automated tools and systems that provide ease and accessibility for users and don’t require constant maintenance.


DFA IT Web and Communication

The W&C team engages, educates and informs our DFA stakeholders and the larger OSU community, drawing awareness and attention to the department’s work and accomplishments and striving to be a trusted, valuable partner for information and resources. W&C explains the why of DFA with the goal of achieving enthusiastic buy-in when new programs or processes are introduced and acts as consultants and leaders within the DFA web space.