Moving Options

Departments are responsible for arranging and coordinating all moves on campus. A campus move could consist of one or more individuals needing items or offices moved to a new location. There are three options available depending on the size and timeframe of the move.

Option 1: Use a Professional Moving Company (for Large Moves)

Larger moves involving more than two occupants can be arranged by your department with a professional moving company.  OSU currently has several moving companies on contract; see the PACS website for more information.

Option 2: Use Campus Moves (for Small Moves)

Smaller Moves involving two occupants* or less can be coordinated with Campus Moves. Campus Moves has trained staff and students who can provide assistance with:

 (*an occupant consists of a desk, a file cabinet, a chair, a bookcase and a few boxes) If each occupant has more items than this refer to option #1. 

Materials Not Moved by Campus Moves

For the safety of our staff and students, some restrictions apply. Campus Moves will NOT move:

Please see our fees page to estimate the cost of your move.

To arrange for a small campus move, please fill out a request form and contact Campus Moves at 541-737-7347. Two weeks’ notice and a valid index number are required for all moves. If your move is in less than two weeks, please use option one or three.

Move Request Form

Option 3: Move on Your Own

If you chose to move your items personally, please use safe moving practices.

Other Moving Resources


Moving boxes can be provided based on availability by Surplus Property. Boxes are reused for moves on campus and must be returned to Surplus once the move is completed. Delivery fees may apply.

Surplus Property:

Items that are no longer needed should be sent to Surplus Property. Surplus items can be dropped off by appointment, or picked up by submitting a Surplus Pick-up Request. Please place your Surplus Pick-up Request prior to your move, but note that the items should be picked up after or during your move date.


Campus Recycling can provide recycle bins to collect paper and confidential materials (fees apply for confidential records destruction). Please place a recycling service request to have the bins dropped off. A valid department index number must be provided for any confidential bins requested.  Learn more about Campus Recycling's confidential shredding service here.

When the recycling bins are full or you no longer need them, place another recycling service request for the bins to be picked up.  Recycling has a limited number of containers so returning the bins in a timely manner is much appreciated.