EmpCenter or My Time reporting:

A web-based attendance system by Workforce Software allows us to serve units both on and off the main campus, redirect personnel resources and reduce time spent administering payroll and benefits.  The system provides improved compliance, simpler record keeping, and better leave administration.  All of these combine to reduce or eliminate costly errors.


Frequently Used Reports and Report Tools:

  • Scheduling a Report - Have reports sent to your email automatically with the frequency you choose.
  • Daily Cost Reporting - Time Sheet Query Report - EmpCenter report that can be used to review worker cost over a requested period of time.
  • Time Sheet Approval - Report showing time sheets that have not been approved in a specified period of time.
  • Time Sheet Exceptions - Red exception/non-paid error corrections - List of employees who have a red non-paid error in a given time period.
  • Delegation of Supervision - Give another supervisor access to your employee timesheets for periods where you will be out or unavailable.


 Less than FTE exception change:

EmpCenter programming of the Less than FTE exception error on Classified salaried employees, has changed from being a yellow warning level error to a red not paid error.  This exception was going unnoticed and not being corrected so the severity was increased to encourage correction and proper pay. Because these employees are salaried, they are being paid for their full FTE even when it is not being fully documented in EmpCenter. Employees should be meeting their FTE by either reporting hours using the Clock or Work In/Out pay codes, using available appropriate leave, or reporting LWOP (leave without pay) when no leave is available.

See this document for more information.