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The ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM ASSISTANT performs non-clerical administrative projects or assignments or coordinates program elements in support of an institution program or operation. The work performed is usually concentrated in a specific institution-wide program or operational area, requiring in-depth knowledge of that program or operation.



This class is the first in a two-level series. It is characterized by responsibility for the initiation and completion of projects and/or assignments, requiring the execution of a series of non-sequential steps, resulting in an outcome or "product" over which an employee has exclusive or near-exclusive control. Employees in this class may also be responsible for coordinating services or operations, which may include tracking, scheduling, and delivery of services, ensuring compliance, and explaining laws, rules, regulations, and policies. This class is distinguished from the higher level by the absence of responsibility for program direction. Employees in this class have little or no general office support duties.


Allocation of positions to this class will depend on the total work performed.

  1. Administrative Assignments. Typical tasks: undertakes assigned projects from set-up to completion with minimal guidance from a dean, director, department head, or manager; researches, collects data, compiles information and assists with or prepares reports (e.g., performance-related statistical information used to make operational decisions or to evaluate program results); develops detailed reports on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis; ensures compliance to program or operation rules, policies, and procedures, as well as applicable state/federal law; applies and/or explains program/operation and institution policies, procedures, and rules; creates program/service technical or instructional manuals, guides, protocols, and/or indexes; may provide formal training, instruction, or workshops on program or service rules, regulations, processes, procedures, and compliance; develops procedures, systems, and forms necessary for work completion, efficient workflow and/or service delivery within the institution and/or with other institutions, vendors, or contractors; may plan complete on- and off-site conferences.


Employees in this class communicate on a regular basis in person, by telephone, and in writing with institution staff, other institutions, private organizations, and/or the general public to provide or request information, respond to questions and complaints, determine nature of services to be provided, and explain state/federal laws, rules and regulations, and institution policies and procedures.


Employees in this class receive general supervision from a dean, director, department head, manager, or other administrator who delegates assignments or projects. Work is frequently performed independently and reviewed by a supervisor through regular informal conversations or as problems occur. Completed work is reviewed for accuracy, adherence to deadlines, and conformance to state and federal laws, OSSHE Administrative Rules, and institution policies and procedures.


Positions are found in campus programs and operational areas throughout the Oregon State System of Higher Education.


  • Three years of office experience which included two years at full performance level and experience generating documents; and
  • Lead work responsibility or coordination of office procedures.