Rendering of future south entrance of Cordley Hall

Exterior rendering of the future south entrance of Cordley Hall - Hennebery Eddy Architects

Capital improvements will include fire sprinklers and alarms, seismic safety, accessibility, modern mechanical and electrical systems, standby power, lighting, windows and entries, and interior finishes. The building’s functional arrangement will be updated to new research space guidelines that include modular designs of laboratories, which are adaptable for future research. Collaborative and shared laboratory and support spaces and shared services (e.g. freezer farms and growth chamber rooms) are a priority. This design will result in a more resilient building that is responsive to current and projected research needs.

The project includes building a district chiller within an existing chiller loop in order to obtain adequate cooling capacity for Cordley Hall. This new district chiller would remove the need to replace aging chillers in two other research-intensive buildings, currently scheduled for 2017-19 state bond funded capital improvement and renewal funds. A new district chiller would provide increased system reliability and reduced maintenance costs. It also offers the potential for future expansion, which would allow for the replacement of an additional building’s chiller and provide cooling capacity for two more existing research buildings (both are forecasted for renovation and have no central cooling). 

The renovation will be accomplished through three funding phases:

Phase 1 (2017-2019) A comprehensive design will be developed and improvements to fire and life safety and HVAC systems will begin on one-half of the building, and the entire roof will be replaced.

Phase 2 (2019-2022) One side of the building will be completely renovated. Estimated completion date is summer 2022.

Phase 3 (2021-2024) The other half of the building will be renovated. Estimated completion date is summer 2024.

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Capital renewal project (deferred maintenance)
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Dustin Sievers
Hennebery Eddy Architects
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Monday, April 1, 2019

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