Approved in 2004, the OSU Campus Master Plan (CMP) focuses on the 570 acres of land recognized as the main campus within the city limits of Corvallis, Oregon. This acreage is situated west of downtown Corvallis and bounded, generally, by 9th Street to the east, Monroe Street to the north, Western Boulevard to the south, and 35th Street to the west.

The CMP has three purposes:

  • Identify guiding principles and policies for the long-range planning of OSU that will direct the physical development (i.e., approximately three million gross square feet of new buildings and facilities) over the approximate 10- to 12-year planning horizon.
  • Establish a conceptual framework for the campus through program development, land use determinations, intensity of development, and parking and circulation initiatives.
  • Clarify and enhance the relationship and connectivity with the surrounding community.

The CMP was formulated to maintain and enhance the university’s fundamental mission, its roles in undergraduate, graduate, and professional education, and its public service. The growth proposed in the CMP is necessary to accommodate the projected growth in the number of people seeking higher education and to support educational and research initiatives. The CMP offers flexibility in meeting the challenge of providing a compelling learning environment while setting standards that direct future growth, guide future design decisions, and conserve and enhance the open space of the campus. In balancing these various concerns, the university truly becomes a public amenity for all in the state of Oregon.

The CMP updates the 1986 OSU Physical Development Plan and aims to meet the needs for the intellectual, economic, technological, and social advancement of the campus and surrounding community. The CMP is based on the contributions of administrators, faculty, staff, students, and the Corvallis community. 


Existing 2004-2015 Campus Master Plan

Campus Master Plan Annual Monitoring Reports