OSU doesn't require students to pre-pay tuition before each term, so every student at Oregon State University has a student account, and must e-sign the "Revolving Charge Account Agreement" found in Student Online Services which outlines rights and responsibilities of the billing account.

Financial Aid and Scholarship money is credited directly to the student account and is used to pay tuition and qualifying charges. Any excess financial aid is refunded to the student in the form of a check or direct deposit to the student's bank account. When you finish registering, your schedule is official. This obligates you to pay all tuition and fees for your classes.

Tuition/Fee Information



Last Updated: March 19, 2020
OSU’s provisions for remote delivery of teaching and education services for students during the COVID-19 outbreak are not the same as the educational services offered through Ecampus. Remote delivery is short-term and involves faculty and students engaging in instruction and learning at the same time as an in-person class would have been held. Utilizing remote learning and remote meeting tools, OSU will continue to offer 200 undergraduate degree programs and 100 graduate degree programs. There are significant added expenses associated with shifting to remote delivery of courses. OSU’s current on-campus tuition and fee rates will not fully cover those expenses but OSU does not anticipate increasing or decreasing spring term tuition.
Student services at all OSU campuses and centers will continue to be offered during spring term, although some will be offered at a reduced level. Fees may be revised accordingly. In coordination with ASOSU and the Associated Students of Cascades Campus, OSU may propose to the university’s Board of Trustees at its April 3 meeting revised incidental fees for spring term. These revised student fees will recognize the variable service levels being provided to students while maintaining support for essential student health services and other programs.