Oregon State University

Tuition & Fee Schedules

Beginning with Summer Term 2018, the tuition and fee schedules for Oregon State University, Corvallis and Cascades campuses, are effective from the first day of Summer Term through the last day of Spring Term. This is a change from prior years. These tuition and fee tables are by campus, with specifications by student types and college majors for the summer term and acedemic year.

Ecampus, 2018-19 tuition rates are in effect from the first day of Summer Term 2018 through the last day of Spring Term 2019. Tuition rates apply to resident and non-resident students.

Corvallis, Prior Years

Tuition & Fees - 2016-17

Tuition & Fees - 2015-16

Tuition & Fees, 2014-15

Tuition & Fees, 2013-14

Oregon Public Universities - Historical Annual Tuition & Fee Rates

OSU-Cascades, Prior Years

Tuition & Fees, 2016-17

Tuition & Fees, 2015-16


Tuition & Fees, 2014-2015

Tuition & Fees, 2013-2014

Ecampus, Prior Years

Tuition, 2016-2017