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Tuition & Fees 

The President recommends tuition rate and mandatory fees to the Board of Trustees based on advice from the University Budget Committee.  The UBC includes student government representatives, students at large, faculty, and administrators.  They review the overall budget of the institution, historical tuition and fee trends, comparative data for peer institutions, the University's budget and projected costs, and anticipated state appropriation levels in forming their recommendations.

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The Tuition Calculator was developed directly from the 2023-24 tuition and fee tables for OSU's Corvallis and Cascades campuses and Ecampus. The tuition and fee tables are effective from the first day of Summer Term 2023 through the last day of Spring term 2024.  Ecampus tuition rates are the same for resident and non-resident students.

These tuition and fee tables are by campus, with specifications by student types and college majors for the summer term and academic year. 2023-24 tuition rates for Ecampus are in effect from the first day of Summer Term 2023 through the last day of Spring Term 2024. Tuition rates apply to resident and non-resident students.

The Net Price Calculator is intended to provide an estimate of your full cost of attendance and an estimate of federal, state and institutional aid. The Net Price Calculator is intended for undergraduate, on-campus domestic students only. Graduate students can find information on their costs and financial aid opportunities here.

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