Annual Operating Budget
for Education & General Funds

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Annual Operating Budget

The Oregon State University Annual Operating Budget book, known as the Orange Book, is prepared and published annually by the Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning with contributions from other units at OSU. The Orange Book provides the university community an accessible summary of the budget for all OSU major organizations and details of the Education & General Funds budget for the fiscal year. In addition to current fiscal year information, there are numerous charts and graphs reflecting 10 years of progress at Oregon State University.

Monthly Financial Reports

Monthly reports prepared by the Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning are for the Education & General Funds (E&G), Statewide Public Services (SWPS) and Auxiliary Operations. The SWPS include the Agricultural Experiment Station, Extension Service and the Forestry Research Labs. Auxiliary operations includes University Housing & Dining (UHDS), Student Centers & Activities, Athletics, Student Health Services and Counseling & Psychcological Services (CAPS), Parking, OSU-Cascades Auxiliaries and other Miscellaneous operations. These fiscal year monthly financial reports summarize the monthly revenues and expenses, and additionally offer comparison to the prior fiscal year.
FY2019 Monthly Reports as of November 30, 2018

Education & General Funds/SWPS
Auxiliary Operations


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Quarterly Financial Reports

Quarterly financial reports support fiscal transparency for the Education & General Funds, Statewide Public Services, and the Auxiliary & Service Center operations at Oregon State University. The reports include summary financial data for operating funds, revenues, expenses and transfers, and fund balances as of the fiscal quarter end date. In addition, comparisons are made between current fiscal quarter revenue and expense projections and the prior year fiscal quarter revenue and expense actuals. The quarterly reports, intended for internal management purposes, are prepared following the close of fiscal quarters ending September 30, December 31 and March 31. An annual report for the fiscal year end is prepared in lieu of a fourth quarter report.

Fiscal Year End Financial Reports,
July 1 through June 30

The fiscal year end financial reports include details for revenues, expenses, transfers and fund balances for the Education & General Program, Statewide Public Services, Auxiliary Operations, Service Center Operations and including supplemental schedules. Financial statements include the final fiscal year end balance sheets, operating and cash flow statements and comparisons with results from the previous fiscal year.

Fiscal Year End Annual Financial Reports

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Oregon Transparency

To meet the requirements of HB 2946, a composite report of data and information from Oregon State University as noted in ORS 352.002, is responding to this request by providing reports on Revenue, Expenditures and Budgets for the University and for University Programs.


Oregon State University

Statement of Budget, Revenues, and Expenses
For the Twelve Months Ending June 30, 2017
Education and General Funds
  Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Institute (ATAMI) Fermentation Science Ocean Vessel Research
Revenue Budget (170,000)  -  -
Expense Budget 340,577 1,028,540 650,345
Total Budget 170,577 1,028,540 650,345
Actual Revenues 210,790 -- --
Actual Expenses 582,980 699,601 367,777
Education and General Funds & Grant Funds
  Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (OCCRI) Institute for Natural Resources (INR) Tallwood Design Institute
Revenue Budget (1,192,401) (2,263,946) 638,980
Expense Budget 1,387,027 2,681,692 1,726,470
Total Budget 194,626 417,746 2,365,450
Actual Revenues 2,365,057 1,673,435 2,073
Actual Expenses 2,557,329 1,921,282 984,182