Budget changes are essential for the financial management and strategic decision-making at Oregon State University. This website offers valuable resources designed to provide clarity and assistance in navigating budget changes. 

Budget Change Request Forms

  • Budget Change Request Form (Excel) - This budget change request form is required for budget changes that must be processed by the Office of Budget & Resource Planning. 

Budget Change Information

  • Budget JV "How To" (pdf) - Explore a PowerPoint presentation that provides information on budget changes. This resource includes practical examples.
  • Budget Change Quick Reference Guide (pdf) - Access to a concise guide that delivers essential information on budget changes. Whether you're new to the process or seeking a quick reference, this guide is designed to assist you.
  • Budget Rule Codes by Fund Type (pdf) - This matrix categorizes rule codes by fund type.

If you have any questions or require assistance regarding budget-related matters, feel free to reach out to use at budget-jv@oregonstate.edu.

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