The University Budget Committee (UBC) is one of the advisory committees under the leadership of the Provost and Executive Vice President. UBC members are appointed by the Provost, with input from the Vice President for Finance and Administration (VPFA).

The service terms of individual members will be staggered to assure renewal and continuity within the UBC. The committee membership will be comprised of

  • Two Deans and one Vice Provost who provide representation of instruction, research, and support services, identified by the Provost
  • A Budget Manager from an administrative or academic unit to be selected by the Provost
  • A Representative from Student Affairs who is identified by Vice Provost for Student Affairs
  • Chair or Representative from the Faculty Senate Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee
  • Faculty Senate President or Past President
  • Faculty-at-Large appointed by the current President of the Faculty Senate
  • Representative from Centers and Institutes
  • Representative from OSU-Cascades
  • Graduate student identified by the Dean & Vice Provost from the Graduate School
  • Student appointed by ASOSU President
  • Student identified by the ASCC President
  • Associate Vice President for Budget and Resource Planning (Ex Officio, non-voting)

The UBC is advisory to the Provost and the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Each year, the Provost will charge the UBC with a specific agenda for the coming year. A regular meeting schedule for the UBC to meet with the Vice President for Finance & Administration or their designated representative. The UBC will contribute an independent point of view to central university budgeting, and will monitor central budgeting on the timeliness, regularity, visibility, and accuracy of its reports.

There is an expectation that UBC members represent the best interests of the University, not advocate for individual units. The UBC serves in an advisory capacity only, therefore, makes recommendations but does not have authority or responsibility for decisions. Committee members are asked to commit to active and engaged participation, including attendance at regularly scheduled meetings.