W-2 Tax Summary Sheets

  • W-2s are being processed and will be mailed out before January 31st. Duplicate W-2s will not be available until early February.

  • 1042-S and W-2 Forms

    • For those claiming tax treaty exemptions, the 1042-S forms will be mailed in February. Please note that some international employees will receive both W-2 and 1042-S forms when income exceeds their tax treaty exemption limit.

IRS Publication 5307, Tax Reform: Basics for Individuals and Families

W-4 Tax Withholdings

U.S. Citizens and Residents

Update your federal W-4 tax withholding on my.oregonstate.edu on the employee dashboard. Update your Oregon withholding by completing the Oregon W-4 form using DocuSign.

Employees Working Outside of Oregon

For information related to the state you are or will be working from please contact us via email at PayrolloutofOregon@oregonstate.edu. We will assist with any state W4s that may be needed, and any other questions you may have.

International Employees
  • All nonresident¬†(non-citizens, non-permanent resident/green card holders, and those who are not present under asylum or the deferred action program) employees must renew their tax status determination information annually with the Payroll office to ensure we are taxing your wages and salary according to proper taxation law and offering eligible exemptions.
  • Renewal will be completed by updating your user profile in Calculus. Nonresidents¬†should receive an email with directions and information about reporting the required information and using Calculus in January. At that time you will login, make any needed updates and save and complete your profile. If you are eligible for a tax treaty exemption you will use the treaty forms provided from Calculus and instructions for how to complete and submit those forms will be provided in the annual renewal email.

Address Corrections & Updates


Current and former employees may update their mailing address on my.oregonstate.edu or with their HR department.

Benefit Address with PEBB

To update your address in the benefits system, go on-line to https://pebb.das.state.or.us/ or send an email to Employee.Benefits@oregonstate.edu.

Public Employee Retirement System

Send an email to Employee.Benefits@oregonstate.edu

Nonresident Employees Tax Resources

Employees who are nonresidents for tax purposes are taxed according to a graduated withholding on all wages received from U.S. sources in the same way a U.S. citizen or resident is. Therefore, NRAs must have a basic understanding of the U.S. tax system so that they can minimize over-taxation, are properly taxed on their pay, and do not unexpectedly owe money to the IRS at tax time. (Federal Income Tax Withholding).

You are considered a nonresident employee unless you meet one of two tests: the green card test or the substantial presence test for the calendar year (January 1-December 31). 

Visit the Nonresident Pay and Tax Resources page for more information. Oregon State University complies with state and federal tax and immigration regulations as they pertain to international students, scholars, and visitors.