The Central Payroll Office processes pay compensation to all university employees. We provide and maintain payroll documents for earnings, taxes and deductions. OSU pays approximately 13,000 faculty, staff and student employees monthly.

Effective January 2022

  • The Fed W-4 form, Employee's Withholding Certificate, was simplified by the IRS in 2021.
    • Although it is not required to complete a new W-4, employees are encouraged to do a "paycheck checkup" to see if any adjustments to your current withholding are needed, even if your tax situation has not changed.
    • Use the IRS's Tax Withholding Estimator. To effectively use the estimator, it is helpful to have a copy of your most recent pay stub and last year's tax return. Note: Tax withholding will continue per your current W-4 form unless you chose to submit a new W-4.
    • If you filed as exempt, it expires annually in mid Feb. To remain Exempt you must refile a new W-4, otherwise it reverts to filing as Single and subject to tax.
    • The IRS has published Frequently Asked Questions that you may find helpful as you complete the form
  • In 2019 the Oregon Department of Revenue created its own Oregon W-4 form for Oregon tax withholding, OR-W-4 Form.