OSU pays employees on a monthly basis. Payday is always distributed on the last business day of every month. For example if December 31st is on a Sunday, you will receive your paycheck on Friday, December 29th.

You must complete hiring paperwork with the Human Resources department.  Once completed please ensure you have a timesheet in EmpCenter, OSU’s time and attendance system.  Be sure you are clocking in and out, reporting leave taken, and submitting your timesheet each month (as required by position type).

Payday is the last business day of each month. Hourly employees are paid for the hours worked from the 16th of the prior month to the 15th of the current month. Salary employees are paid for 1st through the last date of the current month.

  • Your hiring paperwork must be fully approved in the system before OSU’s payroll processing period begins each month in order for your pay to be timely and disbursed as requested.
  • If your pay was not processed timely for the regular payroll processing period, your pay may be in the form of a manual check.  We generate manual checks twice weekly.  Once a completed pay request has been received, a check may be cut for the next manual check run.

All paper checks are mailed to your Current Mailing address on file. To update your mailing address, go to My.OregonState.edu, click on the Online Services Employee Dashboard, click on My Profile, and review your addresses on file. If you need to edit your address, click on the pencil icon.

To access your earning statement online at Employee Online Services:


  • Employee Information
  • Pay Information
  • Earnings Statement
  • Select the Year and Click “Display”
  • Choose the Month to view
  • To Print a copy select “View Printable Earning Statement”

Contact payroll to ensure a paycheck was issued. If pay was issued, they will be able to verify your mailing address.

The Central Payroll office is located in the Kerr Administration Building.  There are two payroll windows located on the main floor next to Student Accounts.  Regular office hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. 

First, if you think your gross pay (the amount before deductions) is incorrect, ask your supervisor to verify your hours/FTE and rate of pay used for the pay period in question.  Full time salaried employees’ total hours (hours worked plus leave taken) should equal 173.33.  This average is based on a standard of 2080 hours per year.

Secondly, if you believe the net pay (amount after deductions) is incorrect, consider if your taxable gross is greater than prior pay.  If you have received a taxable benefit, such as a tuition reduction, the amount you are being taxed on may be increased resulting in increased withholding for federal and state taxes.  Consider if you have had a change in benefits or withholding allowances. If this does not resolve your concerns, contact the Central Payroll Office. 

Hourly employees pay period is from the 16th of the prior month through the 15th of the current month, payable on the last business day of the month. If hours paid do not match with hours worked during this period, contact your supervisor to verify your hours were properly reported. If not, you will need to complete a paper timesheet to submit for amendments and additional pay.  

Full time salaried employees are paid for the same each month based on an average of 173.33 hours or the appropriate proration of 173.33 for less than full time.  Leave used, overtime earned, and other differentials reported on your timesheet are paid the month following the timesheet they were earned on.  For example, January leave used and overtime earned are submitted at the end of January and thus processed and paid in February.

Payroll cannot replace a check until 7 days after pay was issued.  Contact payrollservices@oregonstate.edu to have a replacement check form sent for e-signature in DocuSign. Payroll will verify the check’s status and re-issue as appropriate. Consider signing up for Direct Deposit, which is the safest and quickest way for you to receive your money. You may sign up online at Employee Online Services:


  • Employee Information
  • Pay Information
  • Direct Deposit
  • Enter your bank information and click “Submit”
  • Read the Direct Deposit Agreement and click I Agree”


Details about Direct Deposit are also found in the Pay manual at PAY 102-01: Direct Deposit

You can view and print your earnings statements online. Login to Employee Online Services and select pay information. 

  • If you no longer have online access and need a physical copy of your earnings statement. Contact payrollservices@oregonstate.edu with the request for the month and year needed. A fee may be charged for additional statements.
  • Direct Deposit is the most efficient, quickest, and safest way for you to receive your pay. This distribution option provides you with the convenience of having your paycheck electronically deposited directly into your bank account.As a direct depositor you can view and/or print a copy of your earnings statement online via Employee Online Services or MyOSU.

You may sign up online at Employee Online Services:


  • Employee Information
  • Pay Information
  • Direct Deposit
  • Enter your bank information in the section for Payroll and click “Submit”
  • Read the Direct Deposit Agreement and click I Agree”

Details about Direct Deposit are also found in the Pay manual at PAY 102-01: Direct Deposit.

Manual checks are processed to issue payment to employees when paperwork was received too late to be included in the regular monthly payroll processing.  Manual checks are also processed when pay record changes or corrections are made, or when a termination (or final) pay is processed. Only payments processed as the regular monthly payroll can be directly deposited.

Depending on the timing of when your direct deposit account information was set up your account may not have been prenoted, i.e. verified by the bank, in time for the current months pay. Contact payroll to verify your mailing address. You can also check at Employee Online Services to verify you requested direct deposit for payroll and not student accounts only.

No, however if you have a true emergency you may request an Emergency Draw. You and your supervisor must fill out the Emergency Draw request form and send it to the Central Payroll office. A draw may be requested only on a percentage of the unpaid wages you have earned through the date you request it. Find the form HERE or Contact your supervisor or Central Payroll to initiate the request. A draw can be available the following working weekday day after Central Payroll receives the request. Draws are issued, after approval, either by your Accounts Payable Direct Deposit or check available at the Central Payroll office in the Kerr Administration Building.

Both of these forms are due in the Central Payroll Office by 5:00 PM on the 15th of the month, to be effective for that months payroll processing.  Changes made online must be completed by the 10th at 5:00 PM of each month to ensure they are effective for the current month.

You can make changes online through Employee Online Services by logging in and selecting the Employee tab. Changes must be submitted by the 15th at 5:00 PM to guarantee they will be effective for the current month.  W4 Forms are available online on the IRS website (pdf format). Complete the form, sign, and submit it to the Central Payroll office by the 15th at 5:00 PM for the changes to be effective for the current month.

Your W-2 tax summary form is mailed to the current mailing address listed in Banner.  The address must be updated by the first week in January to be effective on the current W-2 form.  Each year the W-2 form is mailed by January 31st.

OSU uses Sprintax Calculus to collect required information regarding nonresident employees. Through this program the tax treaty forms are made available if eligible. Login at https://tds.sprintax.com/uni/login or contact payrollservices@oregonstate.edu

The Nonresident tax status profile in Calculus must be completed for every Non-Resident employee at the time of hiring and then annually each calendar year in January so long as they remain an employee.  Form 8233 is not required, but must be submitted if you want to take advantage of a treaty exempting you from tax withholding.  Instructions and eligible treaties can be found on the IRS website

You can change your home address and telephone, or e-mail address on-line through Employee Online Services.  Changes to your office address may be requested through the Human Resources department.  Your telephone or fax numbers should be directed to your departmental telephone coordinator.

You must complete a new I-9 form with your Human Resources department.  Refer to the IRS website for proper eligible forms of ID and bring those showing your new name. You are not required to complete a new W-4 form.

Refer to Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) website for current data.