1. The following information is for specific room and space types and is in addition to all previously stated standards listed in Divisions 01 - 34.
    2. All previously noted accessibility requirements per OSHA and/or NEC must be followed in these spaces.

    1. Weather-Tight Construction required for all construction surrounding mechanical, electrical, or water vulnerable equipment.
    2. NO sharing of program is allowed.  These spaces may not double as custodial closets, storage, etc.
    3. Electrical rooms must be sized for the equipment to be housed by using the largest dimensions from potential vendors to ensure that all components fit within the room with proper clearances.
    4. In mechanical and electrical rooms, any components requiring routine service or maintenance must be installed or mounted below 6 feet in height.  The installation of any component above 6 feet requires onsite review and explanation with OSU FS Maintenance and/or OSU Electrical Supervisor prior to installation.
    5. A hose-bib must be provided in each mechanical room.
    6. Elevator access is required to penthouse and basement locations; NO mechanical room access is allowed by use of a ladder in new construction.
    7. Mechanical and electrical rooms must be provided with a campus phone.
    8. Mechanical and electrical rooms require the installation of a minimum of one spare / un-used data jack to monitor control system(s) from a portable computer.
    9. Mechanical room door width must be 40 inches to 42 inches.  Double doors are preferred and must have a removable mullion.
    10. Space shall be provided for storing a minimum of one (1) full change of filters. 
      1. Filter storage may require wall shelving if space above unit is not adequate or not protected.
      2. Filter storage on the ground is NOT acceptable.
    11. Storage may be located on top of a unit if the space is dry and protected.
    12. All mechanical rooms shall have watertight floors with all penetrations fully sealed. 
      1. Mechanical room floors shall contain floor drains. 
      2. Slope floors to drains.
      3. All mechanical rooms require an epoxy or waterproofed floor is required with Epoxy or waterproofing extending up walls 6 inches at a minimum.
    13. All mechanical rooms shall have adequately primed floor drains located in close proximity to those pieces of equipment most likely to leak or require draining for servicing or replacement.
    14. All below grade mechanical and electrical (transformer) rooms shall have an access path and adjacent areaway of sufficient size to allow for the removal of the largest piece of equipment without disassembly of the equipment.  Large equipment shall be removed via the areaway rather than elevator. (Housing)
    15. In the main facility mechanical room, provide dedicated space for the following:
      1. Storage of O&M manuals and as-built information
      2. Layout space for large drawings
      3. Wall area for valve charts, fire sprinkler zoning, etc.

    1. 5 foot-candles of emergency lighting shall be provided and programmed to remain on at all times for safety.
    2. Manual switch controls shall provide lighting to a level of 50 foot-candles at 30 inch elevation when lights are on.
      1. These occupancy sensor controls are to have a 30-minute minimum delay for safety.
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