What's Accepted:

  • Flattened, corrugated cardboard boxes only

Not Accepted:

NOT in this bin: Paperboard or other paper products that are not corrugated.

NOT recyclable: Cardboard with food on it, waxed cardboard, plastic packaging or other box contents.

How and Where to Recycle:

Empty all contents, flatten and place in nearest marked cardboard container - OUTSIDE your building, typically next to your trash dumpster(s) or compactor. Do NOT place in paper bagstands or anywhere indoors. Cardboard cannot be collected inside buildings due to space limitations, fire code and pest prevention.

EMPTY pizza boxes are only OK if not contaminated with food/oil; clean portions can be torn off and recycled and contaminated portions composted or trashed. Before recycling a cardboard box, make sure to remove all other packaging on and inside the box, like tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc. Then, break down the box before recycling it.