Student Employment Policy & Procedure Manual
Section 300: Student Job Postings and Recruitment
Effective: 03/01/1997
Revised: 8/6/2015


Oregon State University promotes fair, equal and nondiscriminatory access to employment opportunities for all interested students.  Public posting of student job vacancies ensures broader access to a wider range of potential applicants and is in line with the University’s policy on nondiscrimination and equal opportunity. Resources are available on the Student Employment website to assist you in understanding and following ethical and legal standards in student hiring and developing an effective job description for posting your student job vacancy.

The University’s online system for posts student jobs, including on-campus and Federal Work-Study employment opportunities.  Questions regarding postings should first go to the employing department’s assigned Business Center.  Business Center Human Resources will process all posting and interface with central Human Resources to resolve technical concerns.

Various types of student employment require different posting requirements.  Please refer to the Student Employment website or talk with your designated Business Center for a complete list of posting requirements.