Rebasing Analysis

"It is now time for the University and the colleges (and the faculty, staff, and students) to ask whether or not the current budget process is serving the purposes of the strategic plan effectively. My own preference, based on my experience, is for us to seriously consider re-basing budgets. Similarly, we must develop a process to review central expenses and to determine if they are cost effective. Finally, I believe that each college should have an explicit budget allocation model of its own that is developed through a consultative process led by the Dean. The budget process should be open, and the resulting budgets should be transparent. The budget process is not an end in itself; it is a tool for implementing institutional decisions and strategies. Now that we have well defined University and unit strategic plans we can carefully assess changing current budget practices." Edward J Ray, From Plans to Actions

A Smarter Way to Pay for Higher Education - Edward J. Ray

Budget Rebasing: Process and Outcomes - Provost Sabah Randhawa & Vice President for Finance & Administration Mark McCambridge, April 2006

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Other Analyses

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