OSU has received Gold Certification!

Exciting news! OSU has received a Forth Mobility Electric Vehicle Adoption Leadership (EVAL) Gold certification! Forth is an Oregon-based nonprofit whose mission is to accelerate the use of smart transportation to move people and goods in a more efficient, cleaner and equitable way. The EVAL program, launched in 2021, provides a roadmap, resources and recognition for organizations that support electric mobility.  OSU has 21 electric vehicle charging stations on the Corvallis campus and two in Newport at the Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building.

OSU's Path to Carbon Neutrality

In 2007, OSU committed to substantially reducing and eventually eliminating its carbon emissions. This year, OSU leadership, the Sustainability Office and the Faculty Senate are updating OSU's implementation plan, known as the Path to Carbon Neutrality. This is a draft plan with nine actions that accelerate decarbonization of university activities. A recording from the Oct. 26 open forum is available on the Carbon Commitment Committee page.

Brand New Sustainability Map!

The Sustainability Office has launched an interactive, web-based map showcasing many sustainability-related features on the Corvallis campus. Features include: OSU's cultural resource centers, stormwater collection features, energy efficient buildings, electric vehicle chargers, bike fix-it stands, and any great programs that contribute towards making OSU both a more sustainable and pleasant place. We welcome your feedback on this new resource!


New Page: Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice is an important and often undervalued aspect of sustainability. The Sustainability Office has created a new page that we hope will serve as a central hub of Environmental Justice information for the OSU community! This page provides important definitions and resources for further learning.

Check out the Environmental Justice page to learn more, and use the feedback form at the bottom to let us know if you have any questions or comments.

In December 2020, OSU received its tenth Gold designation in the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System, making it the first college or university to reach ten awards, and one of a small handful of colleges and universities to use STARS each year. STARS provides a complete set of sustainability assessment data for university curriculum, research, operations and outreach.

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As shown in "World Scientists' Warning of a Climate Emergency"scientists have a moral obligation to clearly warn humanity of any catastrophic threat and to “tell it like it is.” On the basis of this obligation and the graphical indicators presented, they have declared, with more than 11,000 scientist signatories from around the world, clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency.

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