Full Time Employees

Brandon Trelstad (he/his): Sustainability Officer 

After earning a degree in environmental science and a political science minor, Brandon worked in OSU Government Relations. He helped create the Sustainability Officer position and began that work full time in November 2005.  His primary duties include employee and student engagement; infrastructure development; renewable energy systems; policy change and strategic planning. Brandon chairs OSU's Transportation Committee and Sustainability Advisory Council, and serves on several other committees.

In 2010, Brandon was recognized by 1000 Friends of Oregon as one of the state's 35 Innovators Under 35.  Read more in an April 2011 article about Brandon and the Sustainability Office. 

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Leticia Cavazos (she/hers): Sustainability Assessment Manager

Leticia was hired as a student at the Sustainability Office in June of 2014. After earning a PhD in Industrial Engineering in December 2016, she transitioned to a full-time position. Her primary duties include sustainability assessment & reporting, utility data acquisition & analysis, managing the Eco-Reps program, sustainable purchasing & procurement, and new employee orientation.

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Bryonna Booze (she/her): Graphic Designer

Bryonna joined the Sustainability Office in the Summer of 2021 as the Graphic Designer. She is a senior working towards her graphic design major and photography minor. Bryonna loves everything outdoors, from gardening to hiking, and has always found a profound satisfaction by recycling material to make art out of or simply finding a new use for something before she disposes of it. She is responsible for the visual content creation for social media and print marketing for the partnerships and events affiliated with the Sustainability Office, as well as in the coordination of sustainable practices.

Lane Walter (they/them): Student Policy Coordinator

Lane joined the Sustainability office in Spring 2021 and is a second year student pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Theatre Arts. During their freshman year, they served as an Eco-Rep for their residence hall, focusing on creating a culture of sustainability within the community. Now, their primary duties include incorporating public and expert feedback on policy proposals, supporting the Green Certifications program, and engaging with campus stakeholders to support policies to reduce OSU’s carbon footprint.

Mary Carman (she/her): Digital Media Marketing and Outreach

Mary joined the Sustainability Office in Spring 2021 as the Digital Media Marketing and Outreach Assistant. She is a post-baccalaureate student pursuing a degree in Sustainability and the undergraduate certificate Food in Culture & Social Justice. Mary is a student board member with Ten Rivers Food Web where she works on their website and social media outlets. Her career goals are to work in the anti-hunger sector, focusing on food insecurity and advocating for food sovereignty. Mary manages the Sustainability Office's social media presence and the Ecologue, markets Sustainability Office programs like the Green Office Certification and Green Lab Certification, performs outreach at events, and coordinates with Campus Recycling and the Civic Engagement & Leadership office for event planning and other partnerships. 

Milan Donhowe (he/him): Utility Data Analyst Student Technician

Milan joined the Sustainability Office in the Spring of 2021 as a Sustainability Tech Assistant. He is an Applied Computer Science Major with an option in Data Science from Portland, Oregon. Milan mostly focuses on managing and implementing software and other computer related projects by the Sustainability Office. Outside of the Sustainability Office, Milan spends time competing with the OSU Forensics team in Speech & Debate and participating in OSU Security Club’s internal CTF challenges.


The Sustainability Office exists to - in the most sustainable way possible - support OSU’s mission to promote economic, social, cultural and environmental progress for the people of Oregon, the nation and the world. The Sustainability Office fosters a culture of sustainability, enhances student competency around issues of sustainability, reduces the university’s overall environmental impact and communicates sustainability efforts to the campus community and external audiences. It aims to offer the highest quality of services to the OSU campus in its four functional areas:

  • Policy and Infrastructure
  • Outreach and Networking
  • Academic Engagement
  • Sustainability Assessment

Our Work

Mirroring the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability, many projects and initiatives overlap multiple functional areas. Several projects and programs detailed on this website are managed or directly supported by the Office, while others are partnerships with other OSU units.

Click here for a detailed list of what we're working on and what's on the horizon.


The Oregon State University Sustainability Office is housed within University Facilities, Infrastructure and Operations, part of the Finance and Administration division. The Sustainability Office was formed by the creation of a full time sustainability position in November 2005. In December 2007, an additional half-time position was created primarily to support the collection and management of campus utility data. In November 2008, the half-time position was moved to a permanent full time position and duties expanded to focus on energy conservation efforts. For more about the history of Sustainability at OSU, take a look at our Sustainability Timeline!