Virtual Tours

In response to the pandemic, the Sustainability Office has created virtual tours of sustainability destinations and features on the Corvallis Campus. Our first two tours are Kelley Engineering Center, which is LEED Gold certified with a wide variety of sustainability innovations, and our six acre solar array that also hosts innovative research! Take both tours below to learn more!

For a self-guided, in-person tour of the Corvallis Campus, check out our tour brochure!

Tips for Navigating the Virtual Tours

  • In a tour, use the mini-map on the left side of the tour screen to navigate.
  • The red cone indicates the direction you’re facing. 
  • Drag the image on the screen to change the direction you’re facing and point toward spots of interest. 
  • Once the red cone aims where you want to face, click the screen to move forward.  
  • You can also click on the orange dots in the mini-map to go to a spot of interest. 
  • Use the floor navigator in the lower right corner of the mini-map to change floors.

Virtual Tour Links

Links to currently available tours are below. If you have difficulty navigating, please return to this page and review the instructions above, then contact us if additional support is needed.

Basic Needs Center
Kelley Engineering Center
35th Street Solar Array
The OSUsed Store