What is it?

The Green Office Certification is a simple yet effective way for OSU faculty and staff to further their sustainability efforts and get recognition for their work. It is also intended to provide new ideas for easy steps your office can take to reduce your environmental footprint and carbon emissions.


The Certification utilizes an online Qualtrics survey to assess existing office practices in areas like energy, water, waste management, purchasing, transportation and outreach.

The survey can be saved and continued at any time, allowing you to complete it at your own pace.  Once you start a survey, you can access it from the same computer on which you started, using the same link. Within the survey you will find resources and links to aid your certification submittal.

Once data entry and analysis are complete, we will send your score and certification level, as well as recommendations for possible improvement.


For this program, "office" is user-defined with a flexible definition that may be synonymous with department. An office may be a small group or a larger organizational unit, but note that some Certification questions require broad engagement of unit personnel. In some cases, smaller offices may be good places to start, and can encourage others within a larger unit to become certified. Initially, Certification will be limited to offices on the Corvallis campus.


Point values are displayed within the survey in order to give a sense of value for each item. After the Sustainability Office has reviewed your submission and scored it, we will provide a manually calculated report showing your office’s current certification level. 

Certification levels:         

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum    

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If you have any questions, please e-mail us

The Resources and Tips page supports - and is linked from - the survey itself and contains information and definitions used in the Certification.

If you are interested in carbon emissions reduction planning or sustainability strategic planning, please see our Unit Level Carbon Planning page.

The Green Office Certification was created through a partnership between the Sustainability OfficeCampus Recycling and Transportation Services.

For questions or comments about the Green Office Certification, please contact the Sustainability Office.


Scoring Key

Percentage Certification
80+% Platinum
70-79% Gold
60-69% Silver
50-59% Bronze
Unit Certification Date  Certification Level Score

Oak Creek Bee Farm

June 5, 2017

Silver 70%

School of Psychological Science

December 13, 2016


Student Sustainability Initiative

and Center for Civic Engagement

April 13, 2017 Bronze 57%


Department of Recreational Sports


June 5, 2017

Bronze 57%

Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management

May 3, 2017 Bronze 50%

West Dining Center Office

April 18, 2017

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences  October 9, 2018 50%
Office of International Services January 3, 2019 50%
Center for Teaching and Learning September 12, 2019 52%
The Honors College September 26, 2019 60%