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Monday, November 20, 2023
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Wednesday, November 1, 2023

This information replaces FIS 102-06 & 206 Surplus Sales, plus PRO 211 Surplus & PRO 804 Surplus Property

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1. Summary

1.1. OSU adheres to sound fiscal management practices and sustainability methods. This is reflected in the facilitation of the reuse and acquisition of excess OSU, State and Federal Property.

1.2. All OSU Staff, students and users of OSU property need to be aware of the Surplus Property process and their responsibility in managing OSU assets.

1.3. Property (equipment and supplies) not needed by a university department must be disposed of through OSU Surplus Property.


2. General Surplus Property Requirements

2.1. OSU Surplus Property

2.1.1. All OSU-owned property, regardless of funding, must be disposed of through the OSU Surplus Property Department, when no longer needed for operations of a specific unit.

2.1.2. Agriculture Experiment Stations, Extension Offices and other sites remote from the Corvallis Campus must arrange for surplus items to be disposed of by OSU’s Surplus Property Department.

2.1.3. All worn-out, obsolete or excess property (furniture, minor or capital equipment, supplies, etc.) must be picked up or dropped off with Surplus Property.

2.1.4. Through OSUsed Store, sales are made either internally to other OSU units or externally via a public sale.

a) For an internal sale, see Department Purchases regarding times, payment methods, merchandise types and location.

b) For an external sale, see information located at Public Sales.

c) Surplus Property takes a portion or consignment of the sale proceeds for their services. The remainder of the proceeds are forwarded to the owning departments or agencies with which OSU has inter-governmental agreements.

d) All payments to departments and outside agencies take place during the month-end closing process.

2.1.5. If the property cannot be sold “as-is”, it may be sold as scrap or will be handled through special recyclables.

2.2. Other Surplus Property

2.2.1. The State of Oregon, Department of Administrative Services (DAS) in Salem offers state and federal surplus property for sale.  Information on this program is found on the website under surplus property and auctions.


3. Process & Responsibilities

3.1. The Department or Unit is responsible for completing a Surplus Property Request.

3.1.1. List all items to be collected.

3.1.2. If any of the items are capital equipment, be sure to enter the asset number or Ptag (Primary Tag) in the “identifier” field.

3.1.3. If equipment is difficult or inconvenient to move to the Surplus Warehouse, Surplus Property will arrange the sale of the item at its current location.

3.1.4. Federally Owned property will not be sold or disposed of by Surplus Property.

3.2. Surplus Property will list and verify when capital assets are eligible for collection, sale or disposal.

3.2.1. Any equipment on inventory will remain on inventory for record-keeping purposes until it is sold or otherwise disposed.

a) Fixed Assets Property Management within Financial Accounting & Analysis (FA&A) will remove a capital asset from inventory once notified via monthly Surplus Sales Reports.

3.2.2. Prior to offering surplus property for public sale, the OSU Surplus Department makes surplus property available to:

a) Oregon State University departments/colleges

b) Public Agencies

c) Any non-profit organization meeting Internal Revenue Service (IRS) criteria for non-profit status

3.2.3. Public sales may consist of internet auctions, oral auctions, sealed bid sales and fixed price retail sales.

a) No employee of OSU Materials Management (full-time, part-time, temporary or unpaid volunteer) or anyone acting on the employee’s behalf may participate in public sales.

b) Buyers must follow all Terms & Conditions.

3.3. Non-Sale Disposal of Surplus Property

3.3.1. Donations or Transfers of Equipment/Property must be approved and tracked by OSU’s Surplus Department.

3.3.2. All trade-ins of equipment and materials must be approved using a completed Property Disposition Request (PDR).

3.4. Property that has been lost on OSU Property is handled either by Public Safety or through OSU’s Central Lost and Found.


4. Related Information

4.1. Please check with your supervisor for unit-level procedures related to this rule and other resources that may not be listed below.

4.2. University Policy 03-100 Fiscal Policy Program Authority

4.3. Fiscal Policy-Rule #03-150-461 Sponsored Research and Federal Property

4.4. Surplus Property exception listing or Surplus Disposal Guidelines (internal access only)

4.5. Definitions of Terminology

4.6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


5. History

5.1. Original Issue Date:  01/2003 (FIS 102-06 & 206 Surplus Sales); 07/1996 (PRO 211 & 804 Surplus)

5.2. Previous Versions:  10/2010 (FIS 102-06 Surplus Sales); 03/2016 (FIS 206 Surplus Sales); 10/2015 (PRO 211 Surplus); 11/2019 (PRO 804 Surplus Property); 11/2020

5.4. Next Scheduled Review Date:  11/2023


6. Contacts

6.1. Policy Steward:  Director of Business Services (contact info)

6.2. Program:  Fiscal Policy Officer (contact info - for program inquiries only)