Frequently Asked Questions

The process is automated and the hold should be removed in a matter of minutes. However, you can verify that the hold is removed by contacting Collections or Student Account Services.

The rank of Postdoctoral Scholars is categorized as fixed-term faculty effective June 15, 2020.  Unclassified and classified appointments are eligible to receive a relocation allowance, and unclassified appointments include professional and fixed-term faculty.  Therefore, postdoctoral scholars are eligible to receive a relocation allowance as outlined in fiscal policy-rule 03-120-404 Relocation Allowance (section 3.1).


Former students (those not enrolled in the most recent term, with the exception of summer) must pay their accounts in full before they are eligible to register.

Fees should not be charged unless they are listed in the Fee Book, and the amount charged must be the same as the amount listed in the Fee Book.  You can review Fee Book training on how to submit a proposal for a new fee.

Some private financial institutions offer a student loan consolidation program. Consolidation may be available to you if your eligible student loans total more than $7,500. This service permits borrowers to reduce monthly payments and pay only one lender for all their student loans. Consolidation lowers monthly payments, but increases the total loan repayment amount because of a longer repayment period.

Contact the Office of Financial Aid if you are considering consolidation or have any questions about the consolidation of your Perkins Loan. We will inform you of any cancellation benefits that would be lost if your loan is consolidated.

Your student account is a revolving charge agreement with OSU. This account is not a loan; thus not eligible for deferment.

Students can set up a parent or other third party as an authorized user in eBill. Authorized users are emailed their own username and password so that they can go in and view, print or make payments online using eCheck. Authorized users also receive email notification just like the student when billing statements are available to view. To set up an authorized user in eBill the student would log onto the eBill site at, click on the authorized users tab and follow the instructions. Once the student has completed this step an email is sent to the authorized user with the authorized user's username and password. Students can have as many authorized users as they wish.

No, employees cannot be reimbursed for moving expenses.  However, a hiring manager may offer a relocation allowance as part of the approved, written offer to a new employee.  This allowance is taxable to the employee and intended to defray a portion of the cost to relocate to a new place of employment.  Please refer to fiscal policy-rule 03-120-404 Relocation Allowance.


Yes. However, OSU cannot be responsible for checks lost in the mail – you will need to contact your lender.

Generally, yes, you must conduct a search. In special circumstances, you can obtain a Waiver of Search. Contact Human Resources for guidance about search waivers.

More information about Competitive Search Requirements is also available. The Search Excellence guide provides valuable resources to assist your search process.

The National Defense Education Act and subsequent amendments provide for full or partial cancellation of loans under certain circumstances. You can find more information on the Federal Perkins Loan Program site.

OSU currently accepts eChecks, paper checks, cash and Visa/MasterCard as methods of payment.

  • eCheck payments can be made online through eBill at
  • Checks can be mailed, dropped off in our drop box in the Kerr Admin Building or brought directly to the Cashiers Office.
  • Cash payments can be made at the Cashiers Office in Kerr.
  • Students can use Student Online Services as a convenience option for making credit card payments.

Address changes are made by the student through OSU Student Online Services.

The Office of Financial Aid can be reached by telephone at (541) 737-2241, by email at or via their website

Principal payments are not required, and interest will not accrue during a period when our office is officially notified of a qualifying event. You can find more information on the Federal Perkins Loan Program site.

To dispute a charge, you must contact the charging entity, as they have the detailed information regarding the origination of the charge (i.e. Pharmacy charges, contact Student Health Department; Meal plan charges, contact Housing and Dining Services; Grade change or late registration fee, contact the Office of the Registrar; Late or lost book fees, contact Valley Library). The charging department will contact Student Finance when a dispute has been resolved and process a correction if required. Students disputing a charge should inform the charging department within 60 days of the date of the billing. This ensures that the account is kept up to date. It is best to submit your dispute in writing and follow-up on the status of the dispute within 30 days.

An emergency loan application can be picked up at Student Finance (window 13), the Cashier window or in the lobby of the Kerr Admin Building. Complete application and remit to the Cashier window for determination of eligibility. If eligibility is denied you may submit original application and a letter of appeal to Student Finance (window 13). Appeal requests will be reviewed for exception within 2 business days. Petitions for students with outstanding emergency loans may not be considered.

For information regarding refund checks please see our Refund Policy.

To pay by eCheck the student or authorized user would need to log into the eBill site at and click on the pay icon. The system will then guide you through the process of making a payment. You will need to have your bank routing and account number available. Checking account information can be saved so that it does not need to be reentered each time you wish to make a payment. If you have authorized other people to use eBill and eCheck, the authorized users will not be able to view your bank account information, nor will you be able to view theirs.

Please see the eBill website for more frequently asked questions about eBill/eCheck.

OSU offers Student Online Services as a convenience option for making credit card payments. Students can opt out of this option by utilizing one of our other payment methods. Once you have logged on to Student Online Services, then:

  • Select Account Information
  • Select Credit Card Payment
  • Enter Credit Card Information and Submit

Students can sign up for direct deposit through their account at Student Online Services. The direct deposit form can be found by logging onto Student Online Services, selecting "Personal Information" and then "View or Update Direct Deposit Authorization." Students wishing to set up direct deposit for refund checks should fill out the section labeled "Student Accounts/ Employee Payables". It takes approximately one week to set up direct deposit for refunds. If a refund is issued during the one-week processing time it will be issued as a check.

Internal charges are distributed through manual or automated journal entries. The journal entry should post the charges as revenue or an internal service credit not a receivable. (See fiscal policy-rule 03-150-111 Journal Vouchers)

Requests are usually processed within 3 business days. For more information about transcript turnaround times, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Posting times vary depending on the status of the position you are filling. Contact Human Resources for details.

Repayment of your Federal Perkins Loan is based upon the total amount you borrowed. The minimum payment is $40.00/month. There is a maximum 10-year repayment period; therefore, your monthly payments may be higher depending upon the total amount of your loan. For your payment amount, refer to your Student Loan Repayment Schedule. Please note that this schedule may be invalidated by submission of forms requesting deferment or cancellation or by making late payments. You may prepay all or any part of your loan at any time without a penalty. Any overpayment or prepayment is applied to principal only, unless you request otherwise. Any payment made during your grace period or while eligible for a deferment will save you money as no interest is charged.

The exact number of gift cards expected to be distributed should be purchased for a specific purpose.  Any unused gift cards that can not be returned to the vendor should be secured and held in dual custody with a description of planned future use (per section 3.1 of fiscal policy-rule 03-140-512 Gift Cards or Certificates).  Any gift cards held at fiscal year-end should be accounted for as petty cash (see fiscal policy-rule 03-140-294 Petty Cash).

Payments are due on the 15th of every month. A bill will be mailed approximately 15 days before each due date. Returning the bottom portion of your bill is recommended. If that is not possible, please put your Student ID number, or the last four of your social security number, on your check to ensure proper application to your account.

OSU partners with a billing service named ECSI (Educational Computer Systems, Inc.). Below is their contact information:

Oregon State University 
181 Montour Run Rd 
Coraopolis PA 15108-9408

(888) 549-3274

OSU's School Code: 80

If you are interested in having your payment automatically deducted from your checking or savings account, please contact ECSI.

You may have "hold" on your account, which requires you to do something to remove it. A registration hold generally exists because your student account exceeds $2,200 limit. OSU policy requires that you pay your account down to at least $2,200 before you can register for the next term. Students will need to have a balance of $2,200.00 or less to be able to register and their outstanding balance will need to be only from the two most recent terms. For more information, please see Student Holds.

Non-degree seeking students taking 8 credits or less are required to pay all mandatory fees except the Student Health Service and Counseling Service Fees.

For questions regarding residency status please contact the Office of Admissions.

A line item with a description reading "Refund Tuition/Scholarship" indicates that a refund check or direct deposit is in process for your account.

A line item with a description reading "Refund Tuition/Scholarship" indicates that a refund check or direct deposit is in process for your account.

By federal law, federal aid can only be used for the term in which the funds are being disbursed and cannot automatically be used to pay for prior term debt. OSU does not recognize the availability of future term aid until you meet eligibility to register.

Yes, the Student Health Service fee is mandatory for all degree seeking students.

You must complete a Lost Check Affidavit form (available at Window 13 in Kerr Admin Building). We are required to wait 10 business days before issuing a replacement check.

OSU guidelines regarding release of transcripts states that the student must have his/her account balance paid in full in order to receive their transcripts. This means any balance relating to a term for which grades have been posted to your transcript, must be paid in full before any transcript will be released.

OSU guidelines regarding release of transcripts states that the student must have his/her account balance paid in full in order to receive their transcripts. This means any balance relating to a term for which grades have been posted to your transcript, must be paid in full before any transcript will be released.

A Release of Confidential Student Records Form must be on file with Student Account Services before student account information can be released to anyone other than the student. Release forms for academic year can be signed at the Student Account windows in the Kerr Admin Building.

Being an authorized user in eBill is not a substitute for having a valid FERPA release form on file. Even if student has set up an authorized user in eBill with Student Account Services would still need a valid release form on file to discuss specific account information. Release forms signed at the Student Account windows only apply to student account information. Students seeking to release other student information should contact the department involved to determine that department's requirements for release of information.

The Cashier's Office has a packet of information you can pick up at the Kerr Admin Bldg.

The central Office of Human Resources provides Recruitment and Selection Resources to assist you in administering a search.

The Search Excellence guide includes specific information about the Search Committee Chair’s responsibilities in the hiring process.

Your Business Center Human Resources team is also an excellent resource..

Statements are sent to the student's current mailing address. Students are required to maintain the address to which they want their billing statement to be mailed.

OSU requests payment in full each month.

All degree seeking students pay the Building, Incidental, Technology, Student Health Services and Counseling fees each term. Descriptions of these fees are as follows:

  • Building Fee – A Fee assessed each term to all students attending Oregon University System colleges and universities. The funds are pooled on a statewide basis from which building projects are funded for non-instructional buildings. These projects include recreational and student union types of buildings.
  • Incidental Fee – A fee assessed each term to all OSU students. Rates vary by institution and are established at OSU by a committee with student representation. The committee responds to requests for allocation of funds from student groups, athletics and the operation of the student union. Committee appropriations are approved by the President.
  • Technology Fee – A fee assessed each term to all students designated for technology-oriented projects providing services to students. Funding has made possible the expansion of student computer labs on campus and providing access to the computer center, web and email to all labs and residence halls.
  • Counseling/Health Service Fees – Fees assessed to all students each term. Rates are established on each campus and vary, depending upon such factors as enrollment, level of service offered to students and operation costs of the facilities. The fee entitles the student to avail himself or herself of the health care and counseling services offered. It is required as a prerequisite to purchasing student health insurance. The fee is not health insurance. 

Certain courses require an additional fee to cover specific, tangible goods or services received in conjunction with taking a specific class. Any course with a specific course fee will list the additional fee in the Schedule of Classes.

Certain departments on campus have elected to assess resource fees each term to all of their students. A list of the departments requiring these fees can be found at our Student Fees age.

If you default on your Federal Perkins Loan, you may rehabilitate your defaulted loan by requesting the rehabilitation and by making an on-time, monthly payment, as determined by OSU, each month for nine consecutive months. If you successfully rehabilitate your Federal Perkins Loan, you will again be subject to the terms and conditions and qualify for the benefits and privileges of your original promissory note and the default will be removed from your credit history. You can rehabilitate a defaulted Federal Perkins Loan only once.