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Thursday, January 14, 2010

* This information replaces FIS 602 Construction Projects & 603 Establishing Plant Funds & 604 OUS Assessments on Capital Projects


Construction Projects

Construction projects are defined as projects that add to, or change existing physical spaces.  They must also meet the following criteria:

  • planning and construction respond to university-wide priorities;
  • planning and construction details respond to requirements of government-agency-adopted Uniform Building Code and land use requirements and any special requirements of Facilities Services; and
  • records accurately reflect actual use of space.


Establishing Plant Funds

  • Revised: 12/27/2012

    Any project that meets the capitalization requirements shown in FIS 603-01 must have plant fund(s) established.  Costs for these projects cannot be paid from non-plant funds.  The Oregon University System’s (OUS) Facilities Division established the FIS Plant Fund Form to provide institutions with a means of establishing a FUND for capital construction, capital improvement and capital repair projects.   Due to various requirements, such as legislatively approved capital construction expenditure limitations and OUS Controllers Division reporting to Salem, it is necessary when establishing a FUND for construction projects (8xxxxx) that the document is completed/approved by OSU Facilities Services and sent to and reviewed by both the OUS Facilities Division and the OUS Controllers Division. 

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Assessments on Capital Projectst

OUS assesses a .1% fee on any legislatively approved project with a budget that exceeds $10,000.  For Plant Funds, the project code is found in the grant code field.  Any project beginning with 958xxx, 959xxx, 960xxx, 961xxx, etc. is legislatively approved.  Any project beginning with 900xxx is not legislatively approved.  The capital projects assessment fee reimburses the Controller’s office for some of the expense related to the work they perform for the institutions on the building projects.  Account codes 40318, 40418, 40518, 40718 and 28103 are used for this charge.