Date Fiscal Policy/Rule Summary of Revision
01/01/19 03-140-501 Communications Allowance Replaces FIS 410-02 Cell Phone Charges and FIS 410-33 Communications Allowance.  Reformatted to new structure and revised as an allowance, rather than a reimbursement.  

03-140-407 Travel - Reimbursements

Revised FIS 411-08 (a subsection of this fiscal rule) to no longer require receipts for miscellaneous transactions below $75.
04/03/19 03-140-402 Travel - Air Transportation Revised to provide specific circumstances when first/business class air travel is allowed.
04/16/19 03-140-501 Communication Services Revised & renamed to incorporate information from FIS 410-30 Internet Services and Other Mobile Devices.  Provides further clarification on options available to employees who use a personal communication device and/or internet service for business purposes.  
04/23/19 03-140-403 Travel - Ground Transportation & 03-140-408 Travel - Non-Reimbursable Revised to allow for reasonable tips on ground transportation.
04/23/19 03-100-203 / Ex003-02 Account Codes Added A3150 Travel Advances & A3152 Procurement Card Advances.
05/20/19 03-150-103 Tax Exempt Status Archived
05/22/19 03-100-202 Definitions Updated

03-140-202 Personal Reimbursements       & 03-140-505 Non-Travel Meals

Revised to eliminate the requirement for proof of payment (only requiring itemized receipt)
06/2/19 03-120-404 Relocation Allowance Minor revisions to align with new process (03-120-404.99 Process-Payment of Relocation Allowance)
08/20/19 03-140-206 Procurement Cards Minor revisions to specify that Card Custodian cannot be assigned Budget Authority role for same card, and to remove Printing & Copying from restricted list (not allowed on PCard).
10/10/19 03-100-203 / Ex003-02 Account Codes Revised 28911 Late Charge, Vendor Payments
10/17/19 03-140-402 Travel-Air Transportation Minor revision to remove option to use PCard as payment method when using a vendor other than a contracted agent.
10/29/19 03-150-107 Sales of Goods and Services Minor revision to provide clarification to criteria for calculating the price for Sales to the External Community.
12/02/19 03-100-203 / Ex003-02 Account Codes Revised 79313 Rentals & Leases Reimbursements.
12/13/19 03-140-502 Licenses and Occupational Fees Removed verbiage about exceptions.