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Friday, November 8, 2019

* This information replaces PRO 211 Surplus Property & PRO 804 Surplus Property Disposals



Click on "Eligibility" and then "State Agency, Boards & Commissions" to locate the forms.  These forms must be completed in advance, signed by the employee’s supervisor or Department Chair, and returned to DAS prior to the visit.  If an individual who is not on the application for eligibility wants to go to DAS, she or he may hand carry a letter from an eligible person.  If an item is purchased, the letter is attached to the DAS invoice.

Federal Surplus Property

Federal surplus property is recorded in a similar manner; however the "cost" of federal surplus property is really a handling fee from DAS rather than a capital expense-the property is donated to the state of Oregon by the U.S. General Services Administration. 

Departments may acquire property through this program or through other screeners who are certified to review and acquire surplus property for the state (contact Property Management for details).  In either case, the donation is coordinated through DAS, and a 5% or 6% fee is levied to pay for their handling costs.

Federal surplus property must be put in use for the purpose for which it was donated within one year of donation, and be kept in use for 12 months (18 months for vehicles and property with original acquisition cost of $5,000 or more).  If these terms are not met, possession reverts to DAS.  During this restriction period, title to the equipment vests with the federal government.

Federal Excess Property

Such property remains titled to the federal government and is considered "government furnished equipment" on loan to the university.  Title never reverts to the university.  Disposal of Federal Excess Property must be back to the original federal agency.  For details about Federal Excess Property acquisition and inventory, see PRO 900Sponsored Research and Federal Property.

Additional Information

OSU Surplus Property website

Option (2) An OSU employee can get permanent authorization to go to DAS by completing three forms found on the DAS State and Federal Surplus Property website

Application Return Checklist Application for Eligibility Certifications & Agreement form Return Policy Agreement form

State Surplus Property

State surplus equipment acquisitions of less than $5,000 are considered minor equipment.  Acquisitions costing $5,000 or more must be inventoried.  If processed on a FIS Banner invoice, see PRO-Ex1: Creating an Asset Record from a Banner Invoice.  If not processed through FIS Banner, see PRO-Ex3: Fixed Asset Data Entry (FADE) Form.

Departments have two options for reviewing and acquiring Surplus Property through DAS in Salem, Oregon.

Option (1) The OSU employee can bring a letter of authorization (from their Department) to purchase items on a single day.  The letter may be either a general authorization to purchase any item or restricted to specific items.  The letter must be signed by an authorized representative of OSU.  Authorized signers for OSU are:

Mark McCambridge, Vice President for Finance& Administration Brian Thorsness, Director - Property, Contract & Risk Management Patsy Hendricks, Surplus Property Supervisor Bil Burton, Equipment Systems Specialist


To facilitate the reuse and acquisition of excess OSU, State and Federal property. 


Surplus Property

Property not needed by a department within the University. Surplus property includes all excess items and materials other than items that would be typically disposed of in a wastebasket, such as scrap paper, consumed pencils and pens, etc.

Background Information

OSU Surplus Property
OSU departments have access to a variety of used equipment. OSU Property Management staffs the Property Services warehouse at the corner of 13th and A streets in Corvallis, where departments may purchase OSU surplus equipment and supplies.

State & Federal Surplus Property
The Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) in Salem offers state and federal surplus property for sale to state agencies.  Information on this program may be found on the website under State & Federal Surplus Property.

Federal Excess Property
Nationwide, the federal government also makes federal excess property available for use on federally-sponsored programs such as research projects, Agricultural Experiment Stations, etc.


Departments may purchase surplus property for university and sponsored use from the OSU Surplus Property Department and Oregon Department of Administration’s Services Surplus Property Management Office. 



OSU Surplus Property

Departments may purchase available surplus property at the Surplus Property warehouse on SW 13th and A streets in Corvallis, Oregon. General fund indexes may only be used (no federal grant/contract indexes may be used). Purchases can be made during regular business hours, except during closed periods prior to public auctions.  See the current sales schedule on the OSU Surplus Property Website.  Additional information is available at the Property Surplus website.


  • PRO 804:  Surplus Property Disposals
    • Effective Date: 07/01/1971

      Revision Date: 11/08/2019

      All university owned property that is worn-out, obsolete or excess to the institution’s needs, or otherwise unsuitable for intended use must be disposed of through OSU Surplus Property.  Agriculture Experiment Stations, Extension Offices and other remote sites must arrange for surplus items to be disposed of by the Surplus Property department in Corvallis.  Surplus property is taken on a consignment basis.

    • All sales of university owned property to outside individuals or agencies are prohibited except for sales through the Surplus Property department. When OSU Motor Pool has determined that one of its vehicles no longer meets university needs due to age, mileage, etc., that vehicle will be removed from OSU's inventory only by a sale to the public through Surplus Property.

      University owned property that has been authorized for disposal by transfer or trade-in is exempt from disposal through OSU Surplus Property.

      Disposal of University owned Property Procedure

      Responsible Party Action
      1. Complete a Surplus Property Pick-up Request that lists all items to be collected with their appropriate Fixed Asset property tag number (be sure to enter the asset number in the "Identifier" field).
      Surplus Property
      1. Review list and verify that all capital assets are eligible for collection and disposal. Surplus Property will not collect or dispose of federally or other owned property.
      2. Collect surplus property and relocate it to Surplus Warehouse.
      1. Compare items on list to the original pick-up request and communicate any discrepancies to Surplus Property.
      Surplus Property
      1. Make property available to OSU departments, state agencies or other authorized non-profit organizations.
      2. Property not purchased internally will be made available at public sales.
      3. Proceeds from the sale of surplus property (less consignment fee) are returned via a journal voucher in the month after the sale occurred.

      Any equipment on inventory will remain on inventory for record-keeping purposes until it is sold or otherwise disposed of.  Fixed Assets Property Management within Financial Accounting & Analysis (FA&A) will then remove it from inventory once notified via Surplus Sales Reports each month.

      Some equipment may be difficult or inconvenient to move to the Surplus Warehouse.  In these cases, Surplus Property will arrange the sale of the item at its current location and coordinate dismantling/moving the equipment when the item is sold.