Effective: 11/03/2008


Guidance on Account Codes to Use for Deposit of Non-Student Cash Receipts

The General Rule:

  • 06xxx account codes are used when OSU performs a service or sells a product
  • 08xxx account codes are used when no services were provided for the receipt of the revenue

Below are specific transactions that are not easily recognized by account code title or description:

This list does not include revenue generating activity for which were is a specific account code, such as testing services, rental of facilities.

  Why Cash was Received Cash Received From Account Code Account Code Title Comments/Fund Restrictions
* The transactions below are known as a "Reduction of Expense."
1* Goods were returned Retail company Same as original expense   Included original "I" doc on deposit.
2* Discount or rebate after the sale Retail company Same as original expense   Included original "I" doc on deposit
3* Refund of overpayment Retail company Same as original expense   Included original "I" doc on deposit.
4* Guaranteed delivery time missed Overnight carrier 22505 Express Mail Included original "I" doc on deposit.
5* Conference registration cancelled; conference not attended Conference organizer Same as original expense   Include original "I" doc on deposit.
6* Travel expense paid (see footnote below) Company/organization that "sponsored" the travel Same as original expense   Include original "I" doc on deposit.
  The revenue below is from sales, services or other.
7 Book and reference material sales Individual or company 06013 General Books/Publications  
8 Class packet sales OSU Bookstore 06002 Sales  
9 Insurance claim Insurance company 08001 Miscellaneous Other  
10 Internship income Company or non-profit 03220 Commercial contract Must be a specific agreement and set up as restricted fund. Contact OSRAA.
11 Late return of equipment or lost locker key fee Individual 06201 Fines  
12 Lease of OSU building space Company or govt entity 06727 Lease Income A long-term (1 year or more).
13 Non-credit workshop/seminar registration Attendee 06410 Workshops: Non-credit Income Use this acct code also for refunds of workshop registration fees.
14 Patronage Dividends Co-op 08001 Miscellaneous Other  
15 Rental of OSU Housing Individual 06723 Rental Income/Facilities Use Month-to-month or daily rental.
16 Rental of OSU space Company or non-profit 06723 Rental Income/Facilities Use Month-to-month or daily rental.
17 SAIF reimbursement SAIF/EAIP 08008 Reimbursement from Outside Entities  
18 Scrap (metal) sale Scrap yard 06983 Recycled Material Sales Surplus sales (non-scrap) are to go through OSU Business Services, not sold by the department.
19 Senior Project Income Company or non-profit 03621 Commercial gift Place on M2xxxx gift funds.
20 Sponsor of specific event, workshop, or activity Company or non-profit 06495 Sponsorship Income Support only; the sponsor is not receiving a product or service in return. Not a gift; do not place on M2xxxx gift fund or grants.
21 Student group support from external sources Company or non-profit 06901 Miscellaneous Sales and Service Income Agency funds only.
22 Attendee-paid meals Individual 08001 Miscellaneous Other Revenues Specific college recognition event Agency funds only; See FIS 102-09.
23 Support from an external entity for cost connected with editorships Non-profit organization 03230 Foundation, Associations, and Societies Place on the fund specifically established for this purpose.
24 Provide office support for program-related non-profit Non-profit organization 06901 Miscellaneous Sales and Service Income Examples: 4-H Leaders Assn and Master Gardner for Extension.
25 Use of OSU equipment or lab Company or non-profit 06303 Laboratory Use Fees  
26 Visiting scholar or professor support for supplies, telecommunications Educational institution 06398 Miscellaneous Fees Place on dept instruction index if no agreement. If agreement, a specific fund should be established and an 03xxx acct code will be used.


  • Match revenue to expenses - use the same Index for both.
  • No non-OSUF external revenue deposits in FSxxxx, FExxxx, 438xxxx funds. OSU Foundation deposits only.
  • No non-ARF external revenue deposits in FAxxxx funds. Agricultural Research Foundation deposits only.
  • 06xxx and 08xxx revenue should not be placed on restricted grant & contract funds.
  • Travel expenses paid by an outside entity (#6 above) can not be deposited on restricted grants & contract funds. See FIS 102-08 for instructions.
  • Normally revenue should not be placed in Special Project Funds. Contact Financial Accounting unit in Business Affairs for exception, such as insurance claims.
  • Be as specific as possible when choosing a revenue account code. If possible, avoid miscellaneous codes.
  • Determine what Account Code to Use.