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Director of Vendor Payment Strategies
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Monday, July 9, 2018

This information replaces FIS 406-13 Vendor Maintenance 


A vendor must be established in the University's Vendor Master File before a purchase order can be processed or an invoice paid. Accounts Payable performs routine analysis of the Vendor Master File to ensure data integrity is maintained. Procedures are in place to ensure inactive vendors are terminated, duplicate vendors are removed, ACH data associated with inactive vendors in purged, and missing data is identified.

New vendors are only added to the Vendor Master File of the department doing business with that vendor. If the unit cannot find a specific vendor in BennyBuy after doing a through vendor search, they can invite the new vendor to register in the University's Vendor Portal.

Vendors who have registered through the Vendor Portal are responsible for updating their key business information. Address changes and ACH/Banking updates will not be performed manually by the Accounts Payable unit.

OSU Employees and Students are setup as vendors through an expedited process. Information originally gathered in the Banner Student and Human Resources modules is used to add them to the Vendor Master File. Departments needing to initiate payment to a student or employee via Accounts Payable must submit a request to the Vendor Maintenance team within the Accounts Payable unit in order to have them added to the Vendor Master File.